ovnh6mqfvembyerjxyhnh6e0r9cAmerican Gods, amazing characters, amazing backstories. I haven’t read any of Mr. Gaiman’s work……..I’m now a fan. I really enjoyed Hannibal and the work Fuller and Slade did. The show can be a little slow at times but its all about character building and the journey we need to take with them.

If you like a good slow burn, I highly recommend this. The first season is over now so its binge watching  time. And its got Ian McShane….you can’t go wrong. Keep your eye out for the 7 foot Leprechaun , the dead girlfriend thats now alive only because of a lucky coin, A seductive sexy god that will eat you whole and Mr Nancy’s epic slave speech.

Oh and Gillian Anderson is ……as i like to say…Brilliant as the god of Media.

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WestworldHannibalPushing Daisies

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