Sometimes a movie feels like it is way worse than it actually is. And Kong: Skull Island is a perfect example of one of those movies. This movie had the potential to be the greatest monster movie of recent time, but sloppy writing meant that it was not meant to be.

The thing the movie got right was the visuals. It was lifelike from start to finish. Moreover the choreography of the fight scenes enhanced the visual impact of the movie. As every action was like seeing fight among gods. And every story element regarding Kong was written perfectly.

Now let us get to the bad parts of the movie. And there are a shit load of them scattered throughout the whole movie. Though the movie’s name is Kong, Kong had very little screen time in the movie. The movie mainly centered on the humans. But that should had not been a bad thing, as the human cast was a star studded lineup. But alas they were not utilized properly. None of them had a meaningful story about them. So it was hard to care about what happened to them throughout the movie. As nobody gave a shit about them being dead or alive. And the movie also wanted to humorous like the Marvel movies. But it felt more awkward then funny most of the time.

So considering its pros and cons, it is simply an eye candy movie. And the perfect way to enjoy this is to concentrate more in the action scenes and less in the story.

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